The Wall of Shame

Being an account of the half finished miniatures in my collection

Everyone has a lead pile or maybe these days a plastic pile. It’s perfectly normal for the hobby and there’s no shame in having one. In fact it’s common knowledge that you die the moment you paint the last miniature you own. You could argue that having a lead pile is an insurance policy and you should always have a backlog of projects that you’re never going to get round to.

This list is not of my lead pile. Instead it’s a list of all the half painted miniatures and unfinished projects that I have. These things have moved off the lead-pile, usually had a brief burst of activity enough to get some paint on them, then left to languish as I move onto something else new and shiny.

In no particular order:

6mm Napoleonics

This project was started in around 2008 and there’s a real risk at this rate that it might be passed on to my children to finish. And I don’t even have any children yet.

The project consists of French and British for the peninsular war. Despite buckling and getting the British pro-painted they’re still not based. And the French are only about 1/4 painted.

Estimated completion date: 2054

15mm Austrians

Purchased Christmas 2014 from eBay this army was already painted to a tabletop standard and should have been game ready. Unfortunately I decided to over-complicate things by touching up all the paintjobs, getting new command figures to replace the cast-on flags and repainting all the trousers to swap the Hungarian and German regiments around.

This neatly turned a fairly finished army into a totally unfinished one.

Optimistic completion date: 2016

Space Hulk

Again, purchased Christmas 2014. Current progress is that two terminators are nearly finished. One genestealer got a paint scheme tested on him and needs to be stripped.

Estimated completion date: 2027

Dark Age Skirmish

The club got into SAGA and I got enough figures to be able to field an Anglo-Dane and a Norman warband.

The Anglo-Danes got assembled and glued to bases and nothing much else. The Normans have half-painted horses, some undercoats on the riders and one completed test figure, who I’ve named “Norman the Norman” so at least I can say that “Norman’s finished”.

Meanwhile no-one plays SAGA anymore so the impetus to finish this has largely gone.

28mm ECW

I actually have a painted ECW army but I have a further 20 odd cavalry that have been half painted for over 4 years. I’ve also got about 40 figures primed and inked that need to be finished off to complete the last regiment.

Many assorted Sci-Fi miniatures

A growing collection of kitbashes and heavily converted figures for the 40k universe as well as complete miniatures from non-GW third party bits sellers. Also some old-school GW metals to be completed and a post-apocalyptic gang. Two Sentinels and a vehicle kitbash round it out.

By number of figures this collection is quite small. By volume of space it takes up, it’s enormous. The cost per figure has approached about $100 each based on the amount of bits I’ve bought and not got round to using yet.


A dozen VBCW miniatures which are about half painted.