Completed Cultists

First finished miniatures of the year. These were both started last year and had actually been used in games a few times but needed finishing touches and varnish.

I’ve made some progress with photography using the Camera+ app but still can’t quite figure out why sometimes the background is in focus and sometimes it isn’t.

Firstly a conversion of the Chaos Cultist leader. The bolt pistol arm is an Anvil Industries weapon and the hand holding it comes from the Tempestus Scion grenade launcher arm.

The left arm with the chainsword uses a Scion arm again. The upper left arm and epaulettes were green-stuffed in.


Secondly a much simpler conversion. Just a simple headswap of a scout head onto the cultist heavy body.




Taking photos of miniatures has always been a bit tricky for me. It doesn’t seem to matter how well illuminated the miniature looks to the naked eye, my photos always seem to end up either too dark or too washed out. Then they need a lot of fiddling around with before they can be posted online.

If I’m going to actually keep a blog up to date and post stuff that’s not going to work so I looked for a solution that would let me take pictures of a decent quality quickly and consistently. Enter the Foldio which gets rave reviews from various other blogs in the etsy/crafty/jewellery making/miniature photography crowd.

It’s basically a foldout plastic box that snaps together with magnets, has two LED strip lights in it, and some backing. For what it is, it’s probably not worth the cost which came to around $100 AUD including shipping. But if it saves ten minutes per image taken then that’s well worth it and it is, as described, portable and quick to set up and put away.

A Foldio2, yesterday
Taking photos with it has proved a little trickier though. Not terrible – just not as quick and point and-shoot as I’d hoped.

When using the default iOS Camera app (on an iPhone 6s) its natural inclination is to try and wash everything out a bit.

WIP space nazi

The picture above was taken on the grey background, which it washed out towards white and made the contrast in the miniature hard to see. Admittedly, such a dark miniature is a tough test maybe.

Ash Waste Nomad
Ash Waste Nomad

The picture above was done using the Camera+ app which lets you have more manual control over the exposure. In this case I lowered the ISO as low as it would go and then adjusted the shutter speed to compensate. I still think it looks a little over-exposed but better.

The best contrast was from using the black background but this also had the weird effect of bringing every tiny spec of dust into focus.



Next I’m going to work on trying to get the black background out of focus and the miniature a little less starkly lit.

New Year, New Blog

I’m sure a lot of well-intentioned blogs start up early in the New Year, especially hobby related ones. This blog is firmly in the “new year’s resolution” category with a few simple aims:

  • Let me share stuff I’ve painted – I like doing this
  • Make me paint stuff to share – I do a lot of painting
  • More specifically, make me finish stuff to photograph to share – I do very little of this

My last blog was project specific. It’s still around at 6mm napoleonics but hasn’t been updated since 2009 despite a bit more progress on that project since then.

This blog is going to be more general so at least if I get distracted from one project to another – and this will happen – then the posting doesn’t have to dry up.

My very general plan for the year is to try and finish at least some of the half-finished projects I have and try and avoid starting any new ones.