Aldous and Huxley

I’ve had an ogryn conversion in progress for what seems like months and spent some time today getting him finished off to a state I’m happy to undercoat him. So this is the last change for a WIP shot before then. Also the close up shots are showing me a lot of things I really should smooth out and tidy up before he gets sprayed.

He’s converted from a standard ogryn, with the ripper gun cut down into a pistol which was made from plasticard tubing. If I’d had an auto-cannon drum to use life would have been a lot simpler I think.



The backpack took me a lot of tries to get to something I’m happy with. This is it’s third incarnation. The fan in the centre is from zinge industries. The rest was built up around it with plasticard, and parts from a mechanicus backpack and an ork snazzgun.


Finally I felt this little guy was the perfect accomplice for him. He’s the simplest of conversions – a MaxMini gasmask head trimmed down a little on a gretchen body.



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